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Finding Your Next Career

Looking for a career that matters? Looking for an opportunity that leads you in new and exciting directions? What about rewards that show you are welcomed and appreciated? Sounds like you're looking for a career with Termoplast.

Employment Opportunities

Financially responsible


Posted 2 weeks ago

We employ Financial Support with specialty education, accounting knowledge, Microsoft Office suite usage capabilities, and flexible program availability. The qualities we seek in the ideal candidate are conscientiousness, punctuality and communication and teamwork skills. The Financial Officer has the task of ensuring an efficient flow of information between departments and managers, daily invoicing and payment, financial reports, contract checking, invoicing for internal customers, registration of receipts and payments according to the statement of account, etc.

Assistant manager


Posted 2 weeks ago

The ideal candidate must know the Microsoft Office package, have a high / medium education and have flexible program availability. Decision power and customer orientation and results are a plus. Among the tasks, we mention solving clients' cases (regarding orders, contracts, etc.), maintaining contact with customers in order to clarify all aspects, communicating with other departments and solving potential problems.

PVC Specialist and PVC Maker.


Posted 2 weeks ago

Your resume is not required! We seek conscientious and punctual, serious, and communication skills, who work well in the team. The availability of a flexible program is a plus. Instead, we offer motivating salary packages and training courses, with the possibility of developing into a successful company.

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