TRP COR 70 Hidden sash

More light and style for your home!

Technical details

  • Thermal barrier profiles
  • 2.2 w/m2K Isolation profile
  • 46 db
  • 70 mm Deep Depth
  • 70mm Depth sash
  • 0.6 – 1.1 w/m2K glazing
  • 3
  • Multiple finishing*
  • 24- 32mm Thickness of glazing
  • 1.3m x 2.4m Dim. max. openings

*Finishing: RAL, bicolored, Wood imitation, anodized

Design to keep the sheet hidden, making it impossible to distinguish the fixed areas from the open ones. More details in the TRP aluminum catalogs!

Important: 2 tratamente suplimentare incluse: antisalin și antibacterian!

Section TRP COR 70 Hidden sash

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