Swivel system TRP

Elegant solution to use medium-sized glazing without separating profiles!

Wherever we want bigger opening on the whole (max 1800 mm height and / or 2200 mm width for 1800 mm high white height and / or 1800 mm width for color) this system is a welcome solution from aesthetic and financial point of view .

Technical details

  • 5/6/7 Rooms
  • 2/3 Glass sheets
  • 40-45 db
  • 70-80-86 mm Depth
  • 0,6 -1,1 w/mpK Glazing
  • 24-52 mm Glass Thickness
  • Up to RC3 Protection
  • Invisible / Classic Welding
  • Design Rounded / Faceted
  • 1,5-2,5mm Reinforcement
  • 2/3 Gaskets
  • Aesthetic

Easy maintenance (external window cleaning is done inside the house), safe handling and ventilation under adverse weather conditions.

System variants: Opening sketches

We sell all over the whole Europe !

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