Restored sliding system (HST) TRP

Ideal system for those who want the mobile glass wall perfectly isolation!

Living spaces can really enjoy the light and comfort!

Large glazed surfaces up to 10 m (white), 6.8 m (color), openings up to 2.5 m / mobile leaf, perfect aesthetics and light maneuverability, thermal and acoustic comfort are the main qualities that recommend investing in this system.

Technical details

  • 6/7 Rooms
  • 2/3 Glass sheets
  • 40-45 db
  • 203 mm Depth
  • 0,6 -1,1 w/mpK Glazing
  • 24-52 mm Glass thickness
  • Up to RC3 Protection
  • Invisible / Classic Welding
  • Design Rounded / Faceted
  • 1,5-2,5mm Reinforcement
  • 2 Gaskets
  • Aesthetic

Construction depth sash: 86 mm
Overall heel depth: 203 mm
Weighing weights up to 400 kg!
Steel reinforcement thermal insulation and thermomodules: UF = 0.8 - 1.3 W/mpk (depending on the required reinforcement and insulating glass package used, maximum 52 mm). Threshold - integrated comfort of aluminum, embedded in the floor, allowing easy passage without any obstacle. Extremely durable, the mix of material with insulating properties prevents cooldown the floors, even at outer temperatures of -15° Celsius.
Optional - Automatic opening system with remote control or button.

System variants: Opening sketches

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