“Welcome to Termoplast”

"Built upon the values of a family business, TERMOPLAST aim is to produce remarkable glazed windows, distinguished by its uniqueness, the highest technical and aesthetic level. Our guiding principles that make us different. We are your partners during all the period you use our products. We are interested in your return investment and its correct depreciation. The strategy we approached from the very beginning is that of a natural and organic increase of our brand. We have always aimed to offer a top product, ranking us as way of working at the opposite of other companies where the automation for serial production often leads to a predictable outcome and questionable satisfaction of customer’s expectations." - Manager TRP Neculai Catalin

What Recommends Us

  • Dedication
    We get fully involved, we show empathy and interest in your needs. We share the same values - love for family and home.
  • Diversity
    We offer professional solutions for multiple PVC and aluminum windows and a variety of glasses and accessories to cope with different needs.
  • Respect
    We give due importance to you and your desires. Our respect translates into innovative and tailored products.
  • Development
    We put first permanent research and innovation. We want to be the confirmation of a well-taken decision.
  • Protection
    We know how important is to protect your family. We create products that do not fail in protecting the home of those who trust us.
  • Experience
    People are undoubtedly the most important resource of our company. Investments in training our staff in each department are and continue to be a priority in our coordination programme.

From the very beginning, TERMOPLAST has chosen to work with leading vendors worldwide able to provide both quality and innovative and diversified solutions. Thus, our windows are made from REHAU PVC profiles - Germany, one of the leading window profiles manufacturers. The aluminum glazing produced with profiles from CORTIZO - Spain impresses with reliable solutions, and by the most beautiful colors and shades. TRP brand is the synonymous of a safe house. Multiple hardware solutions from MACO - Austria and ROTO - Germany guarantee complete security for our clients. The glass we use in our production process of the insulating glass comes from the well-known international producer Saint – Gobain – France. The handles were specially designed and come from the number 1 world’s handle manufacturer Hoppe – Italy. A quality product means quality material.
We have been involved since 1991 in production (plastic, ironworks, wood, etc.).
Since 2000, in double glazed windows - PVC and Aluminum.
4 factory sheds with a surface of 6,000 square meters.
Investments of over EUR 4,000,000 in machinery.
One of the leading manufacturers of PVC double glazed windows in Romania.
100 employees experienced in sales, manufacturing and installation.
B2C Department - with integrated direct sales (sales, installation, service).
B2B Department - indirect sales to authorized partners.
Export Department Belgium, Italy and France - Indirect sales through authorized partners.
Production output - 300 units / day 10,000 sqm / month.


Certificates and Awards

18 years of success, 18 years supported by a constant effort in improving the product and quality of production flow, 18 years in which we gained the hardest thing to obtain in business-ELITE REPUTATION AS A MANUFACTURER in the field of PVC and aluminum joinery from Romania.


PVC & Aluminum factory
Discover how the most beautiful windows are made.

TERMOPLAST has implemented so far a proper technical product. We are among the few producers working exclusively according to the product catalog. We follow closely the quality indicators imposed by REHAU for PVC profiles and CORIZO for Aluminum, the best processing method, the reinforcing systems, the closing systems of ROTO and MACO, thus making sure that we produce at the highest level.

TERMOPLAST’s production center includes, besides Logistics and Information Center:

  • PVC profiles processing plant (completely automated lines to avoid human error and much faster production times)
  • Aluminum glazing production center
  • Insulating glass production factory
  • Foiling center for PVC profiles
  • Arches manufacturing center

All these units are fully equipped and automated according to EU’s regulations!

Invisible welding
Discover the latest technology

The entire production unit is connected to the main server, thus avoiding human errors related to cutting, gluing, machining limits. TERMOPLAST is one of the few manufacturers in this sector where human resource is mainly used for details and installation of accessories.

TERMOPLAST is the only producer of PVC glazing with REHAU profiles in Romania and one of the few in Europe that uses the latest technology for welding PVC profiles.

Invisible welding

The new technology for more beautiful and stronger windows!

Traditional technology inevitably generates a seam weld that even after being cleaned and retouched, affects the aesthetics of the window. The excess material left behind is visible to the naked eye from an average distance.

What’s the difference?

It is the first and only technology in the world through which the excess material does not combine at the outer part of the profile, but is directed by milling inside the profile. This excludes the deburring process (cleaning the surplus after welding). There are many advantages of the new technology – more beautiful windows, high resistance due to larger contact surface, extra protection against wind and noise (the excess of material combines inside of the profile, not outside, thus the corner seals preserve their shape and elasticity).

Find out more
Discover how the most beautiful windows are made.

Higher manufacturing process of insulating glass

  • Fully automated technology flow.
  • Computer-aided production systems of the insulating glass.
  • Advanced technology of theautomatic washing automatic washing.
  • Continual and bending distance stick, customizable.
  • Argon-compressed environment

TRP Team
Meet our team

Working hard for something we don t care about is called STRESS;
Working hard for something we love is called PASSION.
- Simon Sinek

The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning; to create a product or service to make the world a better place. - Guy Kawasaki

We like the 2 quotes. We believe in them!
If you believe too, come to be part of our family!

We sell all over the whole Europe !

Built on the values of a family-run business, the mission of TERMOPLAST is to produce high-quality windows and doors at the highest technical and aesthetic level. We are proud that our products and services enjoy appreciation both in Romania and in the whole Europe!